How To Create A Natural Makeup Look!

Looking great doesn’t have to mean having a face full of makeup. Now, everyone is trying out a more natural look that can still enhance your outfit and give you a fabulous glow.

A natural look can also highlight your features and will lead to many compliments. Here we discuss how to create a natural makeup look which will make you look and feel great.

A natural look can make the world of difference, and if you have ever seen iconic Snog, Marry Avoid, it often is for the better! Cutting down on your daily makeup routine can also give you more time in the morning to get ready. It also works for a nice family meal or a day at the shops with friends.

It’s better for your skin to use less makeup- too much foundation can cause skin issues and ageing to your skin. Also, if you want to impress your guy, they prefer a natural look. They get to see the real you and will feel more comfortable spending time with you. If you’re out in the town, with a more natural look, you will be surprised to see more guys approaching you.

For starters, it’s great to use a moisturiser instead of foundation which will help even out your skin tone. It will also make your face appear more clear and fresh. If you have breakouts or your skin isn’t as clear as you would like, rather than using a heavy foundation, you could instead use a concealer.

A concealer is ideal to hide blemishes and signs of aging, and will make you feel more confident in yourself

Nude eyes can enhance your face and bring more focus to your eyes. Here we looked at some of the Baftas looks, and we saw now Oscar winner for Danish Girl, Alicia Vikander, rocking nude eyes which helped her look even more stunning.

If you want your eyes to stand out more, then you could always use a clear eyeliner to define the shape and use one layer of mascara.


Image from Gage Skidmore

Shimmer can also make your face glow and is perfect for creating a real natural look. You could add a dash of blush or bronzer if you want to add a flush of colour to your face.  Demi Lovato, who is identified for her Disney fame, looks gorgeous with a natural makeup look. She can be seen on Twitter rocking a natural glow, some clear lipgloss and mascara.

8734587643_949cd5a3cd_k (2)


                    Image Source

As for your lips, a nude lipgloss or lipstick is ideal for creating a natural look. Using a colour which fits your own lip shade will help give you luscious lips.

When choosing the best makeup for you, It’s best to use products which use natural elements, such as Tropic Skincare. It’s also worth checking where the products are created. You should research the makeup range before buying products and make sure that it’s appropriate for your skin type.

Spending more can sometimes mean better products which will suit you and your body.

So for a change, create a natural makeup look and you will feel more youthful and healthy.

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