Bagsy Beauty

I absoluteley love trying out new brands and products.Especially when it’s about a cosmetic brand i am always so excited.Today i’d like to talk you about BAGSY BEAUTY .It is a british brand who came out with the idea to make essential products for your everyday beauty routine. The started with an idea of creating easy way to wear , and keep products in your handbag.


I think its a great idea to think about products which can fit in your handbag.They send me a beautiful Cosmetic Bag with a beautiful flamingo print which i absoluteley loved.I received :

Lip Cocoon in Lemon flavour 

I love this lip balm.I love it’s packaging.Very modren and unique.It’s very moisturising and nourishing. I always keep it with me in my bag.


-Lip Velvet 

Beautiful matte liquid lipstick.What a beautiful lipstick.I have used many matte liquid lipsticks and they always tend to dry a lot.I was really surprised by the formula of Lip Velvet which keeps the lips soft and nourished with a matte finishing.


-Wow Lips

This has been so far my favourite product among all.It a pencil lip gloss with a beautiful finishing.Very glamours look.I got it in Happy Days shade which can be used everyday.its a very nice light pink shinny colour.



I love Bagsy products. You can buy them online on feelunique or in Debenhams stores.

You can find out all products on the website below:


13 thoughts on “Bagsy Beauty

  1. bagsy beauty. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I am always on the look out for new and interesting products to try out. The moisture balm looks pretty awesome.


  2. I feel like I never try new products and maybe I need to branch out more. These colors look great so maybe I will check them out.


  3. I am always on the go and where ever I go I carry my camera and other stuff with me so space in my bag is very important. I never heard about this product before. I will love to try this out in the future and by the way cute cosmetic bag.


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