Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Concealer Review

Hello beautiful makeup lovers

I have heard  many beauty bloggers talking really well about Maybelline Fit me products range.So i decided to try out Fit me Foundation and Concealer.Well talking in general about Maybelline ,its a very unique and nice drugstore brand.In past i have used some eyeshadows and lipsticks and I have been always satisfied.


Talking about Concealer ,its perfect for all types of skin and you can find it in many shades.It is absolutely perfect to cover dark circles.And you can use it as highlighter.Its really easy to apply and you can blend it easily.I used a beauty blender and it worked for me in a great way but you can also blend it with a brush and then finish your look tapping some loose powder on it to set it.

The Fit Me Foundation is a liquid foundation and it comes in different shades.It has a really nice consistency and you can apply it with a brush.You can build it using more product.It has a medium coverage but its perfect for everyday routine. It gives you a natural look and a shiny finishing. I suggest to use a loose powder to set it on the skin and make it long lasting.I have oily skin so for me its hard to find foundations which suits my skin but I have to say that I like it.


I created this look using for face base Fit Me Foundation and Concealer and I really liked the result. I always like drugstore products as there are not that expensive and you can buy them and try them.Most of the time you can find good products which give you same result as high brands would give you.

Let me know if you have tried these products and if you like them.If there is any other product by Maybelline that i should try ,please suggest me in the comments.

You can buy these products from Beautyspin online or in drugstores.

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