The Wedding Fair Manchester and my Outfit

Hello beautiful people. I’m back with a new event post.A couple of days ago I’ve been to THE WEDDING FAIR MANCHESTER. As always it has been a fantastic event.It was my second time to attend this event.There were so many catwalks. The designers were really good and you got chance to try the outfits there.

I would love to share some pictures with you all




These dresses are so amazing. I loved these designs. I went to the event wearing a very casual Black Round Neck Coffee Print Long Shirt  . I absolutely loved it.


As I had to walk a lot I worn flat shoes ballerine. They also gave us a goody bad and done our hairs. I enjoyed a lot being on the event.There was also a master class by a Benefit Cosmetics make up artist.Its was really good to have some tips.

You can buy this trendy fashionable shirt here or many like this on the website below:



13 thoughts on “The Wedding Fair Manchester and my Outfit

  1. I have no plans of getting married but invite to go on a wedding fair and I’ll go in a heartbeat. Hahaha. It’s nice to look at the dresses and I totally dig all the hair & make-up plus the make overs!


  2. Ahhhh wedding fairs can be fun! A bloggy friend and I went to one last year. We were at the trade show next door and wandered over to the wedding show for fun! It was definetly more fun that what we were suppose to be doing lol


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