Delicious way to lose weight with Shake It Slim

Hello beautiful people.I am back with another review and this time its about a supplement.

Forza Supplements has kindly sent me their starter Shake It Slim pack. It is a 7 day supply. It comes with 3 different flavours of shakes.My favourite one is Vanilla,but also Chocolate and Strawberry taste really good.It has good amazing nutritional values and its perfect if you are looking to lose weight of control you weight.


It is high in proteins and contains 22 types of Vitamins.As well as it has got just 204 calories per serving which is in my opinion a great benefit. Especially if you are fitness conscious.

It is very easy to use.You have to substitute two meals a day if you are looking to lose some weight.Otherwise you can use it once a day just to keep you healthy and energetic.

Its is really simple to use.You can mix it with water or milk is a shaker and drink it.I use soia milk because I really enjoy its taste with soia milk.I love my Whey Protein Shaker Bottle which makes really easy to mix it.I love also the packaging and its perfect to take with you while you go to gym for a workout or for some jogging.

I am absolutely in love with this shake by Forza. Especially because it has got really a nice taste and for me taste is something really important.

For more info you can visit their website below:

14 thoughts on “Delicious way to lose weight with Shake It Slim

  1. I usually have a shake like this for breakfast every morning. I haven’t tried the Forza shakes but they sound perfect for me.


  2. As I am eating Mac and Cheese for dinner while reading this I am feeling a little guilty…LOL!! This really does sounds like a great product!!


  3. I did a program a while back that used shakes like these. I really enjoyed it because it was easy and I could take them with me on the go.


  4. This sounds awesome. I never really do shakes so after baby comes this may be something good for me to try out!


  5. Weightloss shakes always scare me, especially when they say you can use it for two meals! But that’s a lot of vitamins packed into a shake. Let us know how you like it!


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