Home Removal: From Italy to UK

Good morning every one.I hope you guys are having a great start of the weak. For those who follow me for a while now, they’d know that a couple of months ago I moved from Italy to UK.It has been a huge step in my life,especially because it was all decided quite last minute.I have never imagined to move from Italy ever.I have been there for my whole life till last year.But unfortunately the economical situation in Italy wasn’t that great so we had to take this step to make a secure future for me and my sister.

Our parents moved to Italy when we were child so they really sweat and worked hard to make a nice house there.We made lots of sacrifices to make that beautiful house.Years and years of hard work.But then when we had to move from there we wanted to take all our home stuff with us.Because honestly its not easy to go in a new place and buy all the things again.

We decided to look for some companies who do Removals.It was hard to find good one who does Removals in Europe.One friend of my dad suggested SW LONDON REMOVALS .I went to their website to check a little bit about them and I found that they do removals from all European countries. So I straight went a head and sent them an e-mail.They have been really nice to answer all my questions very clearly.They offer a great attention from their team leader ,a very professional packing and wrapping,space in the van to travel with your belongings and furniture disassembly and reassembly.They provide you great prices.I have seen people paying exaggerated amounts for there removals.

I know I couldn’t take with me my house but at least having all my house objects was really a nice feeling.I thought to share with you my experience of this amazing Removals company because one day may you need it.

Its all for today .Have a nice week a head.

17 thoughts on “Home Removal: From Italy to UK

  1. Wow, that sounds like a major move. I haven’t even lived outside of my home state before let alone moving to another country!


  2. Starting all over again after a move can be so hard. It’s great to find a company that can help you take a piece of your life with you when you are moving.


  3. What an incredible experience. I can’t even image making a move that far away. Though I think it would be exciting to do as a family.


  4. 9 years ago we had to do the same ting. It’ s stressful to do it on your own so I am so glad you found a good company to help you!


  5. I can not even imagine how must it cost, the effort it took and leaving your home and the memories. Hope you’re able to make new ones here in the UK


  6. I have moved several times and I am in the process of moving to our first home. It is hard! A good moving company is important. I wish you the best in the UK.


  7. Parli l’italiano si?🙂 Anch’io! I’m American, but my dad has spoke Italian to me since I was a baby, so I’m fluent🙂 That is such a big move, wishing you all the best in the UK!


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