Face Gel Serum by real-u Reveiw

A couple of weeks ago Real-U , sent me one of their real change product to try and review.I was really happy to have it as I have heard really good things about the brand.

They sent me their Face Gel Serum which is absolutely amazing.As many of you know I have oily skin and it creates me so many problems.Well this gel helps oily and skins with acne.It doesn’t contain any chemical in it so you can use it without fear of getting any allergy.


I have been using it twice a day as its suggested by them.After I have washed my face with my cleanser I just apply a small amount of serum on my face and rub it well.I use it in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed.

I really like this product and I ‘m sure you will also like it.I am leaving the link below where you can find other products too:


17 thoughts on “Face Gel Serum by real-u Reveiw

  1. No chemicals?! This sounds interesting… I have oily skin as well, and just recently started getting away from products with lots of chemicals. I never used to pay attention to the things I put on my skin, but it’s so important!


  2. This sounds really great. I’m all for things with little to no chemicals. I would love to check this out for sure.


  3. no chemicals is aways a super plus. i have combination skin and have had issues with it for years. however, recently it has been more under control than ever. i know its due to different natural products that have helped. i used a lot with no chemicals and have seen a major difference.


  4. Ooooo this face serum sounds pretty fabulous!!! I just love trying out new facial products m. I will have to check
    This out


  5. This sounds like a really awesome product! I definitely think that a good serum makes all the difference in a skin care regimen.


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