Perfect Evening look for a Bond Girl!

Lets talk about a Bond Girl! Well first thing which will come to your mind is Girls in James Bond films right? Well yes I will think the same way ! But for me when we are talking about Bond Girl we are talking about that girl with power,not only as seen in films because she is using guns,but also power in her eyes.Every single thing about her is so powerful and seductive.Today I would like to suggest you how to have that perfect evening look as the Bond Girls have and look as sexy as them.


Choose the right dress:

It is absolutely important to pick the perfect dress for you and it has to be according to your body shape.You should go for something which will keep you in a certain comfort for all the evening and in mean while give you that glamorous look.I always suggest to go with red colour dress as it is very sexy colour but as well as you can go for a metallic colour.Choose the right material as silk;It is really flowy and attractive.


Choose the right pair of shoes:

No doubt heels are the most stylish and sexy look shoes for this kind of theme and look.You can choose if you want between high heels and medium heels.Here its all about how much you are able to wear them and if you are able to walk with them.Walking in the right way is important.You need to should how much you are confident.I would say adding a pair of heels with glitters and beads will add an extra bit of shine to your look.


Choose the right accessories:

Perfect clutch can attract many eyes.If you want to be more attractive you can also try to match you heels with the clutch.Having a handbag with this look is not a good idea as you want to be as much comfortable as you can.A right size clutch can contain all you essentials for the evening as your lipgloss/lipstick, a mini perfume and you mobile.You can also go for a chain clutch.Talking about jewels go with a pearl set which shine and steal the house.


Makeup and hair style :

When it comes about makeup I would suggest something metallic on eyes.Like a silver smokey metallic shade with a brown or red glossy colour on lips.Or you can go for a typical smokey eyes look.Do have a look online what suits on your eyes according to your eyes colour.If you will keep this detail in your mind you will look flawless for sure.Add as much as you can highlighter to your face.Just to give you that diva finishing.Go with loads and loads of mascara.


Talking about hairs for me best way to look amazing is just giving your hairs some wavy style and loose hairs.So as you walk your loose hairs will move and catch the eye of the person in front of you.

These are some tips on the outfit and style.Most important thing is your attitude.Keep that Diva look into your eyes.Move your hands in a royal way.And smile! That’s gonna make you the most beautiful women on the earth!

16 thoughts on “Perfect Evening look for a Bond Girl!

  1. You definitely need the right shoes to be a Bond girl. They have some seriously stylish stilettos in most of the movies.


  2. I want to be a bond girl for a day or so, dress up in a fancy beautiful dress and try and walk in those amazing shoes, with stunning jewelry… of course, can’t forget the good looking guy holding my arm… A woman can dream! ; )


  3. I couldn’t agree more about a Bond Girl representing strength and power. It is the outfit that makes them too. This is one outfit that a Bond Girl would kill for…probably literally too!


  4. Love this. Love these looks, so pretty. I wish I was a dress gal, I’d love to rock this stuff out somewhere fancy!


  5. Love it! I’d love to throw a Bond Girl party…can you imagine all of the awesome looks in one room? If I could pull off that dress (which I cannot), I’d be in it in an instant (with that pair of shoes directly underneath it).


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