Aziz Textiles Suit Review

Hello everyone.I hope all is going well.As recently I moved to UK here its really easy to find Pakistani clothes because of the huge number of Pakistani people.Recently I got a chance to work with Aziz Textiles  which is a established  brand in Birmingham and have a great experience in textiles and Asian fabrics.

I live in Manchester so it was little difficult for me to go there and check out their store which is located as I said in Birmingham.I got the good news that they recently launched their Online Store which is great.This way I had chance to have a look on their collections and fabrics.


They have a huge range of Ladies and men’s suits in many fabrics.Such as chiffon , velvet and satin fabric etc.Most of the suits are unstitched and this is a great benefit as you can make it according to the right size and your own style.

I selected a EMBELLISHED FLOWER AND SCALLOP PATTERN SALWAR KAMEEZ  which comes in many colours. Of course when I saw it on the picture it was absolutely stunning.But fir me many times ,when I have the product in my hands it doesn’t look like the picture at all.So this time my fear was the same.But i have to say when I received the suit I was really impressed by the quality and the work on it.Another plus point about Aziz Textiles is the amazing convenient prices.Really you can get great products ,paying a very affordable price.


I can’t wait to stich it and wear it.I’m in love with this suit.Once its ready will be making an outfit post on Instagram and here on blog.  Till than take care of your self and have a look on their website🙂


12 thoughts on “Aziz Textiles Suit Review

  1. These fabrics and designs are gorgeous. I would love a maxi dress made with one of the pink fabrics with all the embellishments included.


  2. Wow that is gorgeous! I love stuff like this because it’s embellished in such a beautiful way with such beautiful designs. I have to get something like this myself I think.


  3. The colors of those gowns are beautiful. What gorgeous designs, too. It’s great when you order something online and it actually looks as good or better once it arrives. So pretty!


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