Lily and Rose Black Diamonds Jewls

Now a days jewellery is one of the most important item to complete your look and to make it perfect.I am always looking for new designers which have their own style to create jewellery.Recently I came across to Lilly and Rose  .A brand by Therese Zetterberg, who has already showing her talent in her bridal collection and ready to wear clothes for many years.If you have heard about her ,you will definitely know that she has got a very unique and sophisticated style for her designs. So she now recently launches Lilly and Rose which fits perfectly with her clothings line.


She was so nice to send me some items from her collection and I would love to share with you these pearls.

We are talking about Lady Di-Black Diamond Earrings which are made by beautiful Swarovski crystals. These are absolutely gorgeous for a royal evening look or the can actually fit also for a sophisticated day look.I love the fact that these are super light and you don’t even feel that you are wearing them.




She also sent me Miranda Black Diamond bracelet which completes your look with the earrings.Crafted from silver tone brass adored with Swarovski crystals .You can also find matching Miranda hairband and earrings.The shine of these diamonds is just incredible.



Her whole collection is absolutely stunning and it can be perfect for any special occasion.I would like to say that for me this is a total wedding collection,but no doubt that the comfortnes of these jewels make them special and you can actually wear it whenever you want.These accessories are truly eye catching and I am sure these can add a uniqueness to your outfit and style.

I am leaving for you their website so you can go and have a look on her whole collection because I am sure you also gonna love this.

Its all for now.Till next time Take care of your self and Be stylish😉

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