Polka Dots Fashion

Polka Dots Fashion is really one of the most seen Fashion trends recently, especially during the summer.Many celebrities has been seen in this style.I call this style retro fashion which never goes out of trend.


It is really interesting to see how celebrities are taking on these style which started in 1920.In fact I am sure you remember this bikini polka dots shoot by Marilyn Monroe.


This trend has also reached royal family and Princess Kate has been seen in this beautiful white dress with black polka dots.


I am pretty sure that this style will stay in Fashion for really long time.You can wear it for a casual or an elegant event.When ever you are not sure ,pick a dress with polka dots and you are OK with that.Everyone likes polka dots.

You can buy  this stunning polka dress at shein and now with free shipping with all orders.


Let me know what do you think about polka dots trend and have a good sunday.

13 thoughts on “Polka Dots Fashion

  1. I am positive that every one of us had/has one or two pieces of polka-dot blouses or dresses. It is amazing that it never went out of style! It is indeed versatile and could be mixed and matched easily with other pieces of clothing.


  2. Polka Dots are fun and they are definitely perfect for the season that allows you to wear less and lighter clothes, like Spring and Summer. This trend is a classic and it never goes away. So cute!


  3. I absolutely adore polka dots! It’s such a great print for the spring and summer and they always make me feel girly and whimsical; like I’m not taking myself too seriously.


  4. I love the Polka dot dress selections you posted, specially the one worn by Rachel Bilson! Oh I need to lose weight so I can fit into a dress just like that…haha! Thanks for sharing your inspiring post!


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