Summer 2016 Wishlist

Summer is here and of course as everyone else I have too a wishlist for this summer.

Starting from Bottoms I have seen that wide legs and elastic pants in chiffon are really in.I guess there are really comfortable and easy to wear also in really hot temperatures.


Also Tank tops are really fashionable and you can perfectly pair them with these pants.During the summer embroidery work on clothes looks really nice so picking a top with some embroidery is always a good idea.


Usually people like me feel bit cold even in summer.I need to cover a bit my shoulders so i love to having some comfortable light outwear.I do love this one because it can easily be worn with anything.


Talking about shoes i think sandals are just perfect for summer.They are stylish and easy to wear.You can pick sandals with heels or flat ,its all up to you.I personally love these with straps.


What do you think about my wishlist? Isn’t it perfect for summer?

Let me know what is in your wishlist for this summer.Have a nice day

20 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Wishlist

  1. I will be in sundresses most of the summer. It gets real hot and they are the easiest way for me to keep cool.


  2. I love loose clothes during the Summer, it makes the heat tolerable. These are lovely choices for the Summer, I really love the pants and the tank top!


  3. These outfits look amazing, particularly I love that tank top so much with that beautiful embroidery design over it. And that sandal looks absolutely gorgeous with those straps & I would love one such anytime.


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