Essentials Haul and reviews

Hello everyone.I hope every one is doing well.Recently I run out of some essentials thing for my beauty routine so thought I should buy them.I decided to buy everything I need from Beautyspin as I really like their service and they are really quick.

To start with I got Nivea Mega Strong Styling Mousse. I like the brand Nivea and I use many products by them but never tried any styling product.So I thought let give a try.I have short/medium hair and they are a bit wavy.So sometimes when I am in hurry and haven’t got enough time to curl or straight them ,I like to apply some mousse and just blow dry.It’s a quick way to style them.I have to say that I like this mousse and you don’t need much to give that strong effect.


You know when you lost something or actually you don’t remember where you put it.Well I am constantly is that situation.I have no idea where I put my cuticle remover so after a week I decided to get a new one.Finally I can remove my cuticles and make nice nails.It is one of those accessories that most of the time I also like to keep in my bag.


If I have to pick what is the most used product in my beauty routine I would say Beauty wipes and pads.I use like 5/6 per time.I have seen people who uses just one pad.I mean how can you remove all your make up with just one pad?.No idea!I got these Cleanic natural beauty make up removing pads  and I love them.They are really soft and clean well.


There was a really good deal on some perfumes so I thought to pick Pur Blanca Blush by Avon.I already had this perfume in past and it has really nice sweet scent to it was a good idea to buy it again.I have to say that I am not a fan of perfumes as every time I have one on my clothes I start having headache. But this is really good and fortunately doesn’t give me problems.


And the last thing I really needed was some bleackhead and pore remover strips.I picked Cettua Charcoal Nose pore strips.I never tried this brand but the strips does perfectly their job. Usually I use one strip every 7/10 days.



This was a small haul I did recently and most of the items are one we need quite a lot.I call them beauty essentials. What are your beauty essentials ?


17 thoughts on “Essentials Haul and reviews

  1. I don’t do a lot with myself beauty wise. When I do I go all out and put make up and really dress up! I do it so rarely that it is a treat for my hubby when we go out. I would love to try all these products though it would be fun to try!


  2. Awesome set of products! I am interested with the perfume from avon since they make good ones! I’m sure my daughters would love to try that nose strip.


  3. My wifeis a big fan of Nivea, I will show her this post and definitely, I am going to see her beautiful smile.


  4. Those are some nice products. I love Nivea products! My number one beauty product would have to be chapstick. I use that all the time..that and sunscreen.


  5. I wouldn’t hesitate to try those products, especially anything from Nivea. Although I’m not in any urgent situation to use them, those charcoal nose strippers look effective. I used to clean mine every once in a while and maybe I might must try them.


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