Mud Masky Best mask ever

Hello beautiful people.It has been a while that I received Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask by Mud Masky .If you follow me on instagram you’d know that I love masks and I love to try new every time I can.


So when I received it I was really excited to try it.So last night I decided to apply it and see how it is.


The fact that today I am writing this post is because I just couldn’t resist to talk you about this fantastic mask.I am just in love.This is one of the best mask I ever tried.

This is perfect if you want to clean your skin and detox it.It is amazing to purify it and helps you with pores.I have oily skin and it is one of the  masks which worked for me .


You need to apply it on a clean face and keep it for 7 to 11 minutes. Apply a thick layer and once its dry wash it with cold water.You will feel the difference immediately. This is definitely going to be in my skin care routine for sure now.

If you want to have more information about it and buy, just check their website below:


11 thoughts on “Mud Masky Best mask ever

  1. People with oily skin can only understand the daily struggles. This purifying recovery mask sounds awesome to me. Thank you for sharing this wonderful product.


  2. Mud masks are great, I make sure I use mine at least once a week. You can definitely feel how smooth your face is afterwards. I’ve never tried this brand before, I want to check it out as soon as mine runs out.


  3. Wow! I love to try that mud mask! Can you post the after mask photo? Can’t wait to try this too!


  4. I Have bought this mask A while ago and it is the best mask I have ever tried! I suffer of blackheads for over 10 years, this stuff dried out at least 50% of my blackheads in 2 months. I’m ordering my second mudmasky soon! Love the name btw ;-0


  5. OHHHHHHHH! This facial mask is soooooo different than other masks! I used to buy different masks of Glamglow al the time, but this one really does it all! Just one mask in my bathroom now: mudmasky that’s it! Rate it A+!!❤❤❤ Arianna Gomez


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