7 ways running improves your health

Exercising in general is good for the body but running, next to swimming, is one of the rare exercises that can be done easily while including all the muscles in the body. While some people do not know how to swim or find it troublesome to dry themselves afterwards, running is something anyone can do without worrying about the location or some special preparations and get the best health benefits.


Stronger bones

Truthfully, running the amount of miles that is too much for you and forcing the pace that is too fast for your own ability can actually weaken the bones. But, and this is really important, running in a casual pace for a length that you are comfortable with strengthens the bones by increasing cartilage production. This means that your joints and knees will not only be stronger but more flexible as well.

Fewer headaches

Running or jogging is a great way to reduce stress since exercise in general prevents the secretion of cortisol and maximize the production of endorphin in the brain. This fact only makes you more energized and happier, and your sleep will also be more regulated. All these factors work wonders in putting a stop to annoying migraines you might have problem with.

Healthy heart

Minimal amount of running can do wonders of good for the heart. Basically, running reduces blood pressure and provides normal heart rate which in turn lowers the risk of any heart diseases significantly compared to people who do not run.


Improved cognitive abilities

Running is a physical activity that is perfectly safe for all ages which is very important when it comes to keeping the mind sharp. This does not only apply to simple boost of cognitive skills but running is also known to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Great hearing

This one might come as a surprise but it does not make this fact less true. Improved blood circulation happens all over the body as mentioned, and this includes blood circulation in the ears, which in turn improves hearing.

Better-looking skin

A good sweat releases the toxins from the body and unclogs the pores from dirt. Running is the best exercise for sweating since it includes all muscles in the body, as mentioned before, and therefore clears the skin all over and improves the blood flow throughout the body. Since it can be done anywhere and at any time, you can think of it as a special time for yourself that is completely free. Still, if you enjoy running at night, remember to include some highly visible reflective gear to your running outfit.

Fit and good-looking

Once you take up running and see the benefits it can give you, you will hardly ditch your exercise routine. This is especially true for the benefit of getting fit. Running is an exercise that can change and shape up the body in a quick and healthy way, using the natural shape of the body to do its magic, burn fat and strengthen the muscles.

You do not need a lot of thinking and planning to start running as a part of your workout routine. Choose a time and location that is your favorite, bring some music with you and introduce your body to the various benefits of health and fitness.

6 thoughts on “7 ways running improves your health

  1. I love that you’ve described the benefits of running so clearly and concisely. A very interesting read. I always thought it was bad for your bones. I didn’t realise that it could actually be good for them.


  2. I’ve recently started running again, well, more like power walking for now but there’s so many helath benefits. It really helps improve me mood and keeps me motivated! I didn’t know that running helped improve hearing, that’s amazing! Great post! xx


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