Head Over Heels (Geek Girl) Review

I recently received a copy of Head Over Heels ,the fifth book by famous series called Geek Girl.I have read all the other books so  I was quite happy to have the latest one to read.

It is really a funny book to read and I would categorized this in Contemporary genre.The main character Harriet is absolutely amazing.In this book we can see the friendship.She has a great group of friends now,which was missing in previous books.There is also that lovely feeling of love in book which you can notice in some pages.


One interesting fact of the book was that Harriet is in India and its great how the author has worked on details of that adventure.

I have enjoyed reading every single page of this book.Not only because of the fun factor present in the book but also for the amazing story,which always keeps you very involved in it and you want to keep reading to see what is next.

This is one of those books which I would never be tired to read.Every book of this series comes with a uniqueness and amazing element.

If I have to give a rating to this book I would definitely give it full marks,so 5/5 starts.

(This book was sent to me free for an honest review.)


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