Sandgrens Clogs Perfect for this summer

Summer is here and as we go to pick some comfortable and easy to wear clothes , we also need to look for some stylish shoes. I really believe that it’s important to pick everything for your outfit focusing on every little detail.That’s why I have picked High Heels Clogs in design called Madrid to make my summer stylish.


This is a Swedish made clog which is absolutely stunning.This is from their latest summer collection and you can find many other clogs in different colours.I decided to pick in colour grey as it can go with pretty much everything.Its a kind of neutral colour.

At start I was a bit worried about the high heel as I am not really use to heels but I must say that this lime wood heel will make your life much easier.I have been walking with this almost for 10h and I just felt like I am wearing very comfortable flat shoes.For me when it’s about shoes they need to be comfortable.


This handmade clog with the leather and wood makes it really unique.You can perfectly match it with a pair of jeans or a summer dress.I absolutely love this design and I am sure you will see me around with these clogs very often.

Let me know what do you think about these and have a look on their website to see the whole collection.

9 thoughts on “Sandgrens Clogs Perfect for this summer

  1. I am a faithful flip flop girl but these look super nice! I probably wouldn’t be able to walk in them but they’d be great for a nice summer outing!


  2. This is what I love during the summer, wedges, sandals, flip flops, and clogs! This one looks really comfy and perfect for a day out! Definitely a keeper!


  3. I love high heeled clogs, they are perfect for any occasions and any outfit- dress, jeans, shorts or skirt! This one is very nice for a summer getaway.


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