Diwah Jewellery

How many times you had chance to create you own design jewellery with a brand ? I am sure not many or may be not even once.I was so glad when Diwah started this amazing  service to create your own design jewellery.

You can create your own design choosing from all the latest elements from the collection.You can decide the length ,the colour of stones , components and shape.It is great way I think to  create something you really like or might need.

I have created this beautiful necklace by myself and I absolutely love it.


This is such a cool service .I mean I didn’t heard many brand offering this kind of options.Many times I have outfits with which I want to pair some unique jewellery , Diwah has solved my this problem.Now I can create perfect jewellery for my outfits.

Now you might think It is expensive.But this is actually very affordable and great quality.

Do check their website to find more about them:



7 thoughts on “Diwah Jewellery

  1. What a beautiful necklace you made! I am going to check this website, I seldom find accessories that fit my style


  2. Awesome jewelry. There are very few brands that offer that kind of service, it’s always nice to take advantage of it. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  3. That piece of jewelry is exceptional. My wife would love to make her own, she has been a fan of sassy jewelries ever since we met


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