Shazia Kiyani Designer for PFW9

Few days ago I had chance to meet very talented designer Shazia Kiyani who has showcased her latest collection at the Pakistan Fashion Week London recently.


Her collection is absolutely outstanding and unique. During our chat she told me that now a days many designers go for machine work , but she still believe that hand work is way better and kind of work done on her outfits is really rare to find.

And I absolutely agree with her.I have seen all her outfits and I was so impressed how she keeps a different style from all other designers.I would like to show you outfit I tried.This beautiful mint green dress was so amazing.You can wear this dress for any wedding or a party. am sure all the eyes will stuck on you.


She has a huge range of dresses starting from bridal wear to party wear.As well as she also offer a great service of designing a unique piece just for you.You can go to her with an idea of outfit you want and she will realize the dress as you want.I have to say that not many designers actually give you this option.

You can buy some of her dresses here or visit her studio in Islamabad.

Let me know what do you think !


12 thoughts on “Shazia Kiyani Designer for PFW9

  1. I like the beadwork and the little details on your outfit, it really stands out! Based from what I can see on the dresses at the background, she really does have her own style and it’s really beautiful!


  2. I like to see designers making their way up, she is really talented as I can smell her skills. You too, you look great on that dress.


  3. I love the outfit that she is wearing. Nice to learn about designers that live in different parts of the world.


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