Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Summer is for the that time of the year when I use many masks.Because its always quite dry and hot weather so I suppose that our skin need  proper cleansing routine during this hot weather.

Mud masks are really amazing to proper cleans and purify your skin.Recently i was sent Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask and while I was on vacations in Italy I decided to give it a try.As the summer was really intense in Italy I really sweat a lot and I felt that my skin needed really a good mask to remove all the dirt.I used every two days the Dead Sea Mask and I was really impressed by the result.


It cleans well the skin , helping it to feel more fresh and soft.As well as it also removed all the black heads and blemishes.As my skin is oily , during the summer its really difficult for me to keep my skin nice but this mask actually is great for oily skin.It helps to remove the access oil and let you feel all the time beautiful.

If you use it with consistency it also helps with your spots and marks and wrinkles. I am absolutely in love with this mask.

Have you ever tired this ? Which is your favourite mud mask ? Let me know in the comments below.


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