Ankle Boots Trends and My Outfit

One of the most adopted style of shoes by celebrities is Ankle Boots.You can find them in many shapes and heights.Definitely if you are a fashionista you must have them in your collection.It’s quite easy to pair them with any kind of outfit because of their variety.

Starting from a very casual look , you can wear them with a pair of jeans and top.Absolutely so trendy is any time of the year.You can pick one with high heels or flat.Its totally up to you.


If you are a dress person not to worry.There are many types of ankle boots you can wear for your look with a dress.Going from vintage lace up boots to bohemian style.You can also decide the material ,leather or velvet.


Many people think that ankle boots are not trendy with summer season outfits.That’s absolutely wrong.You can include flat ankle boots,for example,with shorts or skirt.Super trendy and fashionable look.

with shorts

Recently I got these Heavenly Soles Ankle Boots  and I worn them with a long maxi dress.I absolutely love them and these looked great with he dress.


Do let me know how you guys wear ankle boots and which one are your favourites ?

30 thoughts on “Ankle Boots Trends and My Outfit

  1. I do love an ankle boot, so much more practical to wear than a full length one. I remember years ago the flat ones being referred to a Pixie Boots and they were all the rage in the 80s:-)


  2. I love wearing ankle boots with pretty much anything. Living in the UK, they are the perfect shoe for summer days when you’re not sure if it will rain at some point. Let’s face it, that’s quite a few days of our Great British Summertime! I love pairing with dresses, take me back to the 90s grunge look, although my boots back then were DMs, it gives an edgier look to pretty dresses.


  3. You are so right! I love wearing my brown suede ankle boots with a cute summer dress on summer nights. Ankle boots are all year round favourites. Great post!

    Oilyspin x


  4. I love ankle boots. You can literally save an outfit by picking a pair of cute booties. I love your blog. I will definitely keep up with your posts. I would most definitely love to be friends. Thanks for posting this.🙂


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