ChloBo Jewels

When we talk about jewellery it’s important to choose the best brand. Recently I cam across ChloBo  , a British brand which has an amazing name in the Fashion Industry. Their jewellery is so sophisticated and distinguished.

They have been so nice to send me their Labradorite Sparkle Flower Heart Bracelet.This is a beautiful Rose Gold Plated  Bracelet. Labradorite is the semi-precious stone of spiritual awakening. When held, it is believed to have calming and healing powers.The Heart is worn as a symbol of love.


You can wear it for a casual look or for a super formal look.It is perfect for every occasion.Most of the time the jewels quality that you buy online  is really awful.But I was totally impressed by this brand and their quality.Absolutely amazing.Also the packaging is really beautiful and classy.It can be a perfect gift for your special someones.


Do have a look on their website to check their other collection.I am sure you will find something for you.

15 thoughts on “ChloBo Jewels

  1. The details are really pretty and I like that it doesn’t look like your average jewelry, it’s unique but it’s also versatile enough to be worn everyday or with formal outfits! It’s really worth checking out, thanks for introducing me to this brand.


  2. That bracelet is really pretty. It’s simple yet elegant. I have never heard of ChloBo before, but after seeing this piece, I will need to check them out!


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