Jojoba Oil by Eden’s Semilla Review

Since I moved to UK I am having a bad hair loss problem.My hair was consistently dry and weak.Somebody told me about jojoba oil so I decided to give it a try.

I bought Jojoba Oil by Eden’s Semilla on amazon .This oil is 100% organic and it’s not good just for hairs but also for your nails and skin.


I have been using this oil on my hairs from last 2 weeks and I am amazed by the result. I loss less hairs now and my hairs are more strong , silky and shinny.I also included jojoba oil into my daily face care routine and I use it every night after I wash my face.It helps my skin to be moisturised longer.Actually  I have also noticed that its a great alternative as makeup primer for your face if you have dry skin.

I absolutely love this oil and I love the fact that its good for so many things.Its definitely a ALL IN ONE product.Also very comfortable to take with you when you are travelling.So you don’t need to take 3 different products.This one is perfect.

You really need just 2 drops and this is enough.I use it every day and just in few days I have seen an amazing result.

You can buy this here.


2 thoughts on “Jojoba Oil by Eden’s Semilla Review

  1. This sounds amazing!! I need to try this! My hair needs some TLC and I have also had hair loss lately, mind, my hair is very thick so it isn’t noticeable but even so! Thanks for sharing xx


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