Instant Fix Concealer Proactive Review

Proactive is a brand which I have already worked with.So when they send me an e mail and told me about their latest new product I was really excited to try this out.

Recently they launched Instant Fix Concealer  and they have been so kind to send me one to try out.As first impression I really liked the packaging and the fact that it comes with a small brush.The size is perfect to keep it also in your bag while you travel. This also comes with a mirror so you can apply it anywhere with this mirror.


When you open it you see that it comes with 4 different shades.You can use as concealer that shade which suits you the most.In my case I used the lightest one.The texture is really good and smooth.It is so easy to apply with brush and blend it nicely.The brush is actually really good.

The product blends well into the skin and its long lasting.You can use the other shades also as primer for eyes or also to contour.

I really liked this product and I hope they come out with other new products too.You can buy this on this website:

14 thoughts on “Instant Fix Concealer Proactive Review

  1. Wow! I had no idea that Proactiv has a concealer! That’s really awesome, since they know how to take good care of our skin. This is definitely worth a try!


  2. This is a cool product! I love that it comes with four different shades. Proactiv is a good brand. Thanks for sharing!


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