MoodMatcher Lipstick Review

I am sure you heard about a moodmatcher ring or necklace.But have you ever heard about a moodmatcher lipstick?

Well here we are with a magical lipstick which changes the color with the mood.I am talking about MoodMatcher Luxe  lipstick. I was really excited to try this lipstick and it was sent to me by Beautyspin.It is an online store to buy make up and other beauty stuff. It comes in different colours but it was sent to me in green.


I thought this is gonna paint my lips of green but It was a light pink shade.The texture is really smooth and very easy to apply.It can also be used as a moisturizer balm for your lips.


When I applied it it was very shiny but after few hours the color changed in a bit lighter and matt finishing.I am happy with this moodmatcher luxe lipstick and I keep it in my bag all the time.Its amazing if you have dry lips and it can also be used as primer on lips before you apply a matt lipstick.Ithink its a great lipstick also for kids.Now a days little girls are very much influenced my make up but of course we want to avoid to give them .Also its a very natural color so it doesnt look odd on little girls.

You can find this in many other colours .

You can buy it here

21 thoughts on “MoodMatcher Lipstick Review

  1. It’s so adorable! I’ve seen lipsticks like this before but it’s not something that people really get into. Thanks for the review, I think my girls will like this!

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  2. Do they have more extreme colors? I think it would be daring and fun to be able to change from light pink to something like dark blue! That would definitely be a conversation starter! I like the concept!

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  3. That’s a really neat lipstick! I normally don’t wear any, unless they’re lighter shades like this. I think the color looks great!


  4. This looks really fun to try out! Thanks for reviewing it. I think I would be really fun to see how extreme the color changes are. And you are so right about little girls being influenced by makeup, younger and younger girls are doing Instagram makeup! I think it is a little too much too soon for them.


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