All About the Hype by Jessie Jefferson *review

Finally after many days here I am to talk you about a beautiful novel I have been reading recently.Its called All About the Hype and its by Jessie Jefferson.This is her third novel and the last one unfortunately too.

The character of Jessie in this book is slightly different than last 2 books.I found it a bit dreamy and unrealistic.As well as she was rude and selfish.But I guess its got some change otherwise it sees very boring and same.I really liked the return of Dana Reed.


Johnny  has been all the time my favorite. I have been a bit disappointed by the end of the story but I am sure there will be some new books by Piage coming out soon with great stories..

More you will read more you will like.I am not going to reveal more interesting things by the book , for that you need to get the novel and read it.

This is a very nice read for everyone and I am very sure that after you read this book you will fall in love with all the characters.I fell in love with this series so I give it full marks.


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