Kaya Jewellery (for mum and baby) Review

When a baby born we are concentrated to buy clothes.Every anty , cousin or grandmom get clothes for the new born as a present.But today I would love to share with you all another brilliant idea for your gift for the little one.

Kaya Jewellery is a brand for baby and mom. They come with some gorgeous pieces of matching jewels for baby and mom.


You can pick among necklace , bracelets or earrings. Perfect for any occasion like birthday , wedding or new born baby.Usually we are a bit hesitated to buy online jewellery because we are not sure about the quality but I have to say that Kaya Jewellwey is great quality wise. The service is super quick and they send the jewellery in beautiful packing.


They have sent to me personalized items .And I absolutely love them.You can make your gifts even more special with their personalizing service. Isnt it a great idea ?

Have a look on their website and pick up the perfect gift for your baby.



7 thoughts on “Kaya Jewellery (for mum and baby) Review

  1. I think it’s a great idea to have a matching jewelry with your daughter and it’s really sweet as well. I like that you can personalize it by having your names engraved.


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