Pink Perfect Creme by Erborian Review

This is the first product I personally tried form Korea. Erborian is an South Korean brand.Now I have heard so much about this brand so decided to give it a try.

I bought Pink Perfect Creme which is one of the best product by brand.This creme helps the skin to get a better texture.Its magical formula helps to repair your broken skin.I use this especially after a bad cold and flu ,as my skin is so bad.Just after few days your skin start glowing and get so much better.


Also its very good to use as everyday cream and because of its slight tint you can use it also as bb cream.If you have already good skin and dont need to hide imperfection so definitely its great to use.

Many beauty bloggers and expert also suggested this cream as a face primer for your make up.It helps the foundation to stay on longer and keep your skin hydrated too.

This is definitely the best face cream I have ever tried.I absolutely love it.


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