Procoal London Teeth Whitening Powder Review

Hello beautiful people.I hope everyone is doing well.Now I have seen many people on Youtube trying out this formula of activated charcoal as a teeth whitening. So I decided to give it a try using Procal London Activated Charcoal Powder.

What I did is take a wet toothbrush and dip it into the powder and just brush the teeth for 1 minute. Than leave it for around 5 minutes.The only scary thing is that your mouth and teeth look black but its funny at the same time.You can make some funny selfies.


It hasnt got any taste so you dont need to worry about it.You wont feel anything.After 5 minutes just wash your teeth with the water.You will immediately see difference in the color. The best thing about this product is that its 100% natural and it lasts really long.

If you use it everyday I am sure you will see a big difference in your teeth and I think its also a very economical way to have sparkling and white teeth.

You can get it directly from their website here :

Let me know if you have ever tried this trick.








16 thoughts on “Procoal London Teeth Whitening Powder Review

  1. This looks awesome! I’ve used activated charcoal but in pill form that I would have to crush. Making my whole sink black lol but this is way more convenient definitely will be trying out!


  2. I think this is worth a try, especially since it’s all natural so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals! I love that it’s easy to use as well.


  3. I’ve never heard of this, I want to try it! It looks awesome – I’ll have to check it out now! I love that it’s natural!


  4. I have heard about toothbrushes with activated charcoal but this is the first time I’ve learned about it in powder form that we can use for teeth whitening. I’m checking this out. Thanks for letting me know.


  5. I’m kind of curious to try this product out for myself. I’m not a big fan of the whitening toothpastes or other products, as they aren’t really good for your teeth or gums. But with this being all natural, I feel better about it not doing any damage.


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