Sixplus Makeup Brushes Review

Makeup brushes are so important when you are doing your makeup.Some people think that it does not matter which brush you are using , but it actually does.If a brush is of a good quality it will work better on your skin and it will blend well.

Recently I had chance to try out a new brand called SIXPLUS . They sent me their Sixplus11 pcs Royal Brush Set .The brushes came really quickly and I was really impressed by their service.

It comes with a leather packaging (brush holder) which looks amazing. Its a great holder to keep your brushes in protecting them from dust and the brushes looks more organized in it.The set includes 11 brushes:


1.Powder brush, apply with natural pressed powder products
2.Foundation brush,apply with liquid foundation
3.Professional blush brush ,apply with blush over the whole cheek ,make a natural finish
4.Round shape contour brush
5.Small blush brush ,can be used as face contour brush as well
6.Highlight brush ,easily to apply products to eye or nose coner
7.Eye blender brush fused eyeshadow to creat exquisite natural eye look
8.Eyeshadow brush
9.Small concealer brush ,make a flawless appearance
10.Small angled eye liner brush ,apply with creamy eyeliner to upper and lower lash line
11.Eyebrow brush ,to have a tattoo eyebrow effect with eyebrow powder


These brushes are unique because of their world class quality and because these are vegan.So great choice for people who prefer to use vegan products.


I absolutely love these brushes because they work really well on skin giving a perfect finishing.You can take this set with you anywhere you go and you can create a complete look using these brushes. A plus point is also the fact that these are really easy to wash and clean.

So why not to have a look on these bushes and try them🙂


16 thoughts on “Sixplus Makeup Brushes Review

  1. I appreciate that it comes in a lovely leather case, it’s perfect for traveling too. I think the brushes are great! I’m glad they didn’t fail expectations!


  2. You can never underestimate the importance of good makeup brushes. These brushes are stunning and I love that they are vegan. Animals don’t need to suffer just so my makeup can apply flawlessly.


  3. I agree, Makeup brushes are so important for me anytime and I am hearing about the SIXPLUS brand for the first time. These brushes looks good as they could serve for different purpose and the leather case could come handy as well.


  4. I’m always looking to try new brushes! These look great, I’ll definitely check these out! Thanks for sharing!


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